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Steps To Create A Tinder Like App

Its just impossible for apps like Tinder to exist without chat features. Because right after swiping, users are curious about the other person and want to know every little detail about their turn on and off factors like does the other person think theres nothing called “too much cheese and chocolates” too? Does he/she sleep with lights on? And whatnot!

Messaging forms the basis of communication, to know about the other person thus, ineffective chat features can make the apps usage inconsistent and lead to a user outflow as they switch over to other functional messaging apps. So for dating apps like tinder introducing chat features isnt enough but belting out some advanced chatting features to deliver a better chatting experience is equally important.

Match Making

‘Swiping lets people approve/ disapprove prospective matches based on preferences. While swiping right makes a match, swiping left means saying “no” to a particular suggestion. Users do this based on pictures or how the person has described himself/ herself. It is the first level of interaction which indicates the person is interested to know more about the other person. Considering the users previous selections and recommending more similar matches is a great way to win hearts with precision!